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Be Smart About Your Heart: Know the ABCs of Diabetes
Resources for Native Hawaiians

Every Hawaiian Should Know: Diabetes Raises Your Chance of Heart Attack and Stroke
This brochure warns Hawaiians about the link between diabetes and cardiovascular disease and shares practical steps to take care of their diabetes and their heart.


Know the Warning Signs of Heart Attack and Stroke
This flyer shows the warning signs of heart attack and stroke and urges Hawaiians to act fast and call 9-1-1 at the first sign of a problem.

Kosraean Resources

Srah Fuhlact (Hypertension)
This brochure shares information about hypertension risk factors, warning signs and symptoms, complications, and tips for prevention and self-management.

Samoan Resources

Ia Silafia le A, E, I (ABC) O Le Ma'i Suka (Know your  "Diabetes ABCs") This postcard was designed as an outreach tool to share  information about controlling the "Diabetes ABCs": A1C, Blood Pressure, and  Cholesterol.

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