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Chuukese Resources
Small Steps, Big Rewards: Prevent Type 2 Diabetes
pd Esamwo Ser Nupwan Ach Sipwe Eppeti Semwenin Suke
(There is a Chance that You Can Prevent Diabetes!)
This brochure shares advice on how to prevent type 2 diabetes.  It suggests culturally-appropriate ways that people in Chuuk can get more physical activity and eat more healthy foods. English translation is included .
w Ipweri 10,000 Ipw Non Eew Raan!
(Walk 10,000 Steps Every Day!)
This flyer encourages Chuukese people to do more walking as a form of physical activity and as a way to prevent diabetes and other illnesses.  An English version is also available.
Control Your Diabetes. For Life.
Tumunun Pechen Emon Mi Uri Semwenin Suke
(Foot Care For People With Diabetes)
This flyer demonstrates ways that people with diabetes should care for their feet.  English translation is included.

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