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Native Hawaiian Resources
Small Steps, Big Rewards: Prevent Type 2 Diabetes
if If you are Native Hawaiian, you may be at risk for diabetes!
This flyer encourages Hawaiians to take small steps that will help to keep them free from diabetes.  It shares ideas on how to be more physically active, make healthier food choices, and maintain a healthy weight.
ev Every Hawaiian Should Know: You Can Stay Diabetes-Free!
This booklet shares more information about how Hawaiians can stay diabetes-free.  It uses photos and short descriptions to illustrate the small steps that people can take to prevent diabetes and the big rewards that come with taking care of your health.
ev Walk 10,000 Steps Every Day!
This flyer encourages Hawaiians to do more walking as a form of physical activity and as a way to prevent diabetes and other illnesses.
Control Your Diabetes. For Life.
Every Hawaiian Should Know: You Can Control Your Diabetes.
This booklet was written for Hawaiians who are living with diabetes.  If you have diabetes, this booklet will show you practical ways to understand, monitor, and manage your diabetes with the help of your health care provider(s).  A Diabetes Care Record is included to help you track your progress.
nhpi You May Have Diabetes and Not Know It! - Hawaiian version
This flyer shows the signs and symptoms of diabetes and encourages Hawaiians to see a doctor if they think they could have diabetes. The second page of the flyer gives a simple definition of diabetes and shares common diabetes risk factors.
Be Smart About Your Heart: Know the ABCs of Diabetes

Every Hawaiian Should Know: Diabetes Raises Your Chance of Heart Attack and Stroke
This brochure warns Hawaiians about the link between diabetes and cardiovascular disease and shares practical steps to take care of their diabetes and their heart.


Know the Warning Signs of Heart Attack and Stroke
This flyer shows the warning signs of heart attack and stroke and urges Hawaiians to act fast and call 9-1-1 at the first sign of a problem.

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